Thursday, 27 August 2015

High Performance Sponge Filters

High Performance Sponge Filters such as the Hydro Sponge (or Hydro Pond #2) can have improved circulation patterns in deep aquariums with the use of "Hydro Lifts".
A Hydro Lift extends the flow pattern in deeper tanks (generally over 16 inches) by extending the water outflow higher in the aquarium (as close to the surface as possible for maximum results).
It is noteworthy that this is not always necessary in all aquariums such as aquarium with other filters that provide good upper circulation or where the aquarium keeper desires less circulation in the upper aquarium.

However in most aquarium applications this is desirable, especially where the Sponge Filter is the sole or primary filter for the aquarium. Of which despite popular anecdotal (but incorrect) assumptions, a sponge filter can actually exceed many other filters including HOB Power Filters and even many Canister filters for aerobic bio filtration. The key is the correct size Sponge filter and the quality of the sponge material; both of these attributes are generally missing with sponge filters used where incorrect assumptions were made (extensive controlled tests dating back to the 1990s have proven this).
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The addition of a Hydro Lift (or similar 1 inch tube) can be used with either air pump driven or power head (water pump) driven sponge filter applications. These lifts can also be easily cut to exact heights with a hack saw.

Hydro Lift Extensions can also be used with multiple "Stackable" Sponge Filters such as the Hydro Sponge #5 Stackable, this can be useful for large deep tanks where multiple tiers of Sponges are added to keep up with high or increasing bio loads.

Monday, 27 July 2015

AquaClear External Power Filter Manual

Here's how it works
The AquaClear Power Filter draws water from the aquarium through the input siphon and strainer. The AquaClear motor then pumps the water out of the impeller chamber. The flow diverter directs the flow beneath the filter chamber. The unfiltered water is forced through the entire foam filter insert to trap suspended particles and then through the carbon insert to absorb liquified wastes. If the optional AMMO-RID insert is installed, excess ammonia is removed before the purified water is returned to the aquarium.
The AquaClear filter system uses the largest media volume of any comparable filtration system. The inserts completely fill the filter chamber with media, unlike cartridge systems which only use a limited fraction of the available space. AquaClear is designed to use the full available volume, there is up to SIX times more filter media volume in the AquaClear design than any cartridge filter can offer. This provides a much greater internal surface area. Unfiltered water contacts the expanded surface area of the different AquaClear filter media. This allows a much longer filtration period compared to cartridge systems, producing sparkling clear, debris free aquarium water.
Additionally, the large volume of media is independent inserts permits large beneficial colonies to develop throughout the media chamber. The bacterial population is sustained with a generous supply of oxygen from the high flow rate. The result is effective biological action which can be continuously maintained with proper insert replacement procedures. Separate instructions for proper insert maintenance to conserve the biological action are included on individual insert packaging.
Reduced flow is most helpful during feeding times, or when the input suction or output stream is too strong for small or delicate fish. When desired, the patented flow control can be set to less than full flow. This decreases the amount of water drawn from the aquarium or returned to it, however, full filtration is maintained. Even with the flow control set less than the full flow, however, the motor still pumps the rated output to the filter chamber. No blockage is created that would reduce the water supply to the impeller. Instead, the water is recirculated through the filter basket’s refiltration grid into the impeller chamber, providing ample input to the motor. Before the water reaches the refiltration grid, it is purified as it must pass through all the filter media in the filter basket.
The water return is designed to circulate water thoroughly within the aquarium. Water is directed into the aquarium at an angle by the AquaClear overflow return. As the purified water enters, the stream produces beneficial currents within the entire aquarium, ensuring total filtration. The overflow return design produces water surface agitation. This aids the escape of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and stimulates